Friday, April 30, 2010

Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo

As much as I would LOVE to geek out here, that's for another blog. Here I am going to talk about the costumes I made for our trip to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. Every year since 2008, they have held a costume contest, and while we have yet to win anything, I'm not upset. The best part for me was seeing all the awesome that is cosplay here in Geekdom.

This year we took inspiration from something relatively unknown in the cosplay biz, though quite well known in the webcomic world, and we dressed up as Weregeeks. As evidenced by this comic, there is much variety with each individual Weregeek, so I had a lot of scope for creativity.

In these two pics here we are posing with the creator of the Weregeek comic Alina Pete (who is TEH AWESOME) and we had a little fun. The masks were very heavy, as I used plain plaster as the main component for each mask. However, this was the first chance I've had to make masks since college, and I wanted to make sure they followed what I had in mind. Steven (on the left) turned out to be rather gargoyle-like in form, whereas I (on the far right) wanted to go for a more dragonish look. The bodysuits were made with a Nygard stretch suiting material that was half polyester and were quite comfortable. The pattern was very simple and easy to alter, since we are both taller than the usual run.

The crests on our hoods proved to be a bit more of a challenge than I at first thought. Cutting out the spiky stuff was fun and easy, but stuffing and sewing everything together to make it all even was... interesting. I'm glad it turned out as well as it did, though. The eyes on the masks were simply yellow cellophane cut in the shape of eyeglass lenses and glued on the front, since the Weregeeks' eyes glow yellow when they are in their Shadowgeek forms. There were quite a few people who had no clue WHAT we were, but we were happy to tell them, and hopefully we generated some traffic for Miss Pete's booth at the Expo!

Alina Pete (in the middle) almost geeked out more than we did when she saw the costumes, and we now hold the official title of First-Ever Weregeek Cosplayers!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

More than a flash in the pan, IT'S BACON MAN!

The back section, I finished first. It was remarkably easy although the fabric was very slick. No Pattern was used, the only reference material I had was an actual package of bacon that I took a look at earlier that day. It worked out really well when I went to get fabric because it was all clearance. BONUS! The 1" foam used for the head piece I already had on hand, and made for a sturdy shape. Bit more squared off than the actual bacon was, but most strips of bacon don't have hands, feet and a face either. Nor do they hunger for themselves.

Our lovely model is also the man who comissioned the work.

I don't ask questions; I just make the costumes.
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