Sunday, October 11, 2009

More than a flash in the pan, IT'S BACON MAN!

The back section, I finished first. It was remarkably easy although the fabric was very slick. No Pattern was used, the only reference material I had was an actual package of bacon that I took a look at earlier that day. It worked out really well when I went to get fabric because it was all clearance. BONUS! The 1" foam used for the head piece I already had on hand, and made for a sturdy shape. Bit more squared off than the actual bacon was, but most strips of bacon don't have hands, feet and a face either. Nor do they hunger for themselves.

Our lovely model is also the man who comissioned the work.

I don't ask questions; I just make the costumes.
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  1. Very cool costume indeed, Caitlin. More photos! More posts! Did I mention more photos .. pleeeease?!